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For freshman and sophomore courses: $30 per hour.
For senior and junior courses: $40 per hour.
For grad students: $50 per hour.
For AP calculus, AP physics, GRE math, GMAT math, SAT (math),PSAT(math) and all high school courses: $30 per hour.


Group discounts are available. The discount will depend on the number of students in a group.
Discount will also be offered for long term commitment (minimum 10 hours).


I need minimum 24 hours notice unless there are exceptional circumstances.
50% fees will be charged otherwise.


For whatever reason a student wants to discontinue, refund will be made if paid in advance. However, discounts if any, would be reverted before refund is made. Note that this does not imply that refund will be paid for tutoring done already. This amount will be deducted before payment.